The ASCE Distinguished Service Medal Award in Region 10 was established by the unanimous vote of the Region 10 Board of Governors on July 24, 2019, to recognize distinguished service to ASCE through service to Region 10. 

Award winners 2021

  • Gandluri Lakshminarasimha Sivakumar Babu, Ph.D., F.ASCE
  • Saliu A. Lawal, C.Eng, M.ASCE
  • Raymond Hai Ming Leung, Ph.D., C.Eng, P.E., F.ASCE

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Award Criteria

  1. Eligible to receive the award is any member of ASCE, any ASCE staff member and any non-member who has provided distinguished service to ASCE in Region 10 through service to Region 10 Sections and/or Groups or to ASCE through service on international committees or associations and/or to the betterment of the community through advocacy of ASCE’s policies and /or programs.
  2. Call for award nominations opens in April and closes in June, with announcement posted to the ASCE Global web page. Nomination package for submission includes cover letter from the nominator, filled out official award nomination form, and the nominee’s biographical information. Judging is done by the Region 10 Board of Governors for the maximum number of 3 awards in any given year.
  3. Awards are announced and presented at the ASCE Convention by the Region 10 Board of Governors.




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